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Indian River County falls roughly in between West Palm Beach and Orlando, solidly in the Treasure Coast. Home to a variety of healthcare, educational, science, and governmental entities, technology plays a critical role in the operations of these modern organizations. This, in turn, makes it critical that a business is able to secure the support it needs to successfully operate.

Let’s go over how a business operating in Indian River County might go about finding the right provider for its needs.

How to Judge the Quality of an Indian River County IT Service Provider

Let’s consider Indian River County for a moment. From Roseland down to Florida Ridge, there are approximately 4,449 businesses in operation (as of the 2020 United States census)—44 of which are classified as providing computer-related services. That leaves just over 4,440 businesses potentially requiring IT services of their own, each of them with their own unique needs—from the manufacturers to the healthcare providers to the distribution specialists to everyone else.

All of them, to some degree, will rely on technology and IT in order to operate, and what works for one certainly won’t work for many, many others. However, checking a potential provider’s reviews is a good place to start your selection process. If a potential provider has a lot of negative reviews, they’re probably one to avoid.

Having said that, however, it is important to keep in mind that an IT company that is doing a good job isn’t often something that their clients will think about—therefore, there’s less of a likelihood that positive reviews will be left as compared to other business types.

This makes word-of-mouth all the more important for your business to get the information you need. Put your business contacts around the Indian River area to work and ask them who they’ve had success with—they might be able to point you in the right direction.

Of course, you also need to evaluate any provider that you consider, regardless of the reviews or recommendations you may have received. After all, their services need to fit your organization, so you need to ask the questions that will tell you if it is a good match.

What Does (and Doesn’t) Your Agreement Cover?

I know, “always read the fine print” is business best practice 101, but having a full appreciation for what your prospective provider has to offer is critical to your decision-making process. While “managed services” aren’t a new concept anymore, the scope that this term can cover is unexpectedly vast.

At its core, managed IT is pretty simple: for less cost than it would take to bring on the requisite in-house staff, managed IT services provide a business with monitoring and maintenance to eliminate as much downtime and as many support calls and security events as possible. A good managed service provider, or MSP, will provide its clients with the same dedication that an in-house provider would give, supplemented by the MSP’s high level of expertise and updated training.

That’s the baseline that you should seek to receive from an MSP.

However, if you happened to find this post and you’re already working with a managed service provider—or have in the past—chances are that this wasn’t your experience.

Unfortunately, many IT companies that once would bill for individual problems as they fixed them realized that they needed to make their services more appealing in order to compete with the proactive options that were popping up and overtaking them. However, comparing the services between these companies and a true managed service provider is a little like comparing the $500 swing set someone puts in their backyard to carte blanche access to a full amusement park.

To establish what your prospective provider can handle, don’t be afraid to ask them about other scenarios they’ve had to handle in the past or give them hypothetical scenarios to walk you through.

What If I’m Not Satisfied by the IT Services I’m Receiving?

Look, we get it…nobody wants to commit to something if there’s the risk that they’ll be stuck in a position where their business is suffering. That’s why we feel it’s important to acknowledge the reality that many managed service providers have clients sign contracts that span a year or more. There’s a reason for this, mind you, and it’s a reason that delivers benefits to the business that signs these contracts.

Let’s consider how you’d go about hiring new employees for your internal IT department for a moment. After the interview process, the first few weeks or months of employment will largely be taken up onboarding them, correcting mistakes, and ensuring that everything is documented. These processes may take even longer, depending on your circumstances. Comparatively, while outsourcing to an external IT firm will still take some time, it can often be more efficient—and the longer you work with this provider, the better their services become.

Of course, there’s always the chance that your relationship with your IT provider will turn out to be less effective than you’d hoped it would be. What then? Make sure this is one of the questions you ask a prospective provider before signing anything—is there an escape clause of sorts that allows the business relationship to end amicably?

When you ask this, look for answers that outline fair terms—things like allowing sufficient time to effectively offboard, setting terms for later payments, or even seeking ways to fix the relationship but accepting that you may just want to leave.

All of this should be laid out in writing.

Sufficient Investment in Security

Generally speaking, a business seeking out IT services has a pressing reason to do so—maybe there are excessive computer issues, network hangups and general slowness, or things just aren’t working as they should. While these are certainly things to be prioritized, you can’t do so at the cost of your compliance and security.

Your IT security is always rising in importance, each year seeing new threats to, well, threaten businesses and cause damage to their operations. Compliance is also being focused on more than ever before, with regulators affiliated with different industries and business associations monitoring how well businesses are keeping up with the rules they have set. Any modern business needs to protect all of its data, including that of their employees, clients, and prospects. Your investment in your cybersecurity will also impact business insurance rates.

All of this makes it crucial that your chosen IT provider is doing all they should and need to be doing to keep your business in compliance.

Ask Around

To be fair, if IT isn’t regularly part of your workplace responsibilities, it’s going to be somewhat challenging for you to choose an IT resource to rely on. IT is complicated, and will certainly take up a healthy chunk of your budget. Again, this makes your careful consideration of your options regarding your potential providers all the more important.

When selecting an IT company to step in and assist your Indian River region business, take your time and really consider the options available to you. Consider the capability and experience that each candidate brings to the table, and weigh them against the cost in terms of what is included in the offered service. IT is a field in which it can be a challenge to determine whether or not a task was done correctly or that the provider is delivering what they’ve promised to deliver.

That’s why it’s always good to get a second opinion whenever you can in terms of your IT. We can provide that second opinion through a network audit. We can provide you with an assortment of matters, helping you evaluate if you’re getting your money’s worth or you’re looking for a quote.

If you want to skip right to finding the best IT provider in Indian River, just give us a call at (305) 671-3937. The right IT company for you—AccessMSP—will pick up.

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