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HIPAA Compliant Secure Email

Easy-to-Use, and Powerful Enough to Comply with the Strictest Regulations of the Healthcare and other Industries

Email is used in practically every single business. However, most email isn’t secure, and it never really has been. Sending an unencrypted email across an insecure network isn’t much different than mailing someone a postcard - there is practically nothing in the way to prevent that information from being seen by others. Email encryption makes it impossible for everyone but the recipient to read the email.

*Meets compliance requirements for HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, FERPA, and SOX. 

Email Security that Doesn’t Get in Your Way

One of the biggest problems with many email encryption systems is that it adds extra complexity along with the security it provides. Some systems don’t work with every email provider, or require confusing steps for the recipient just to access the message, or add additional work for your staff. We can make it so every email that comes out of your organization is secure and encrypted without the hassle for both the sender and the recipient. 

On top of that, we can work with the email address and platform you are already comfortable using. We can integrate with Google Workspace Gmail accounts, Outlook, Office 365, Android, and Apple devices. Secure email has never been this easy and flexible until now.

Every Business Should Protect Their Email

For many types of businesses and organizations, encrypted email is a requirement to fall in line with specific industry standards. For example, healthcare and medical facilities absolutely need to protect patient correspondence to meet HIPAA compliance. Many other industries have similar requirements. Our secure email product meets compliance requirements for HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, FERPA, and SOX.

Even if your business doesn’t need to take extra steps to secure your email, it’s still a very good idea. It can prevent sensitive data and credentials from falling into the wrong hands, and prevent expensive data breaches or other undesired situations.

Get Started with a 14-Day Free Trial

If you are frustrated with how complex your current email encryption system is, or you want to just try ours out, reach out to us and ask for a free trial of our Secure Email service, or give us a call at (305) 671-3937 to get started.