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With decades of experience in your industry, there is

many ways AccessMSP can provide value to your business. 

Secure Email For Business is a quick, secure, and efficient means of communication. 

We offer a variety of secure solutions that comply with all healthcare-related email security requirements on both state and federal levels.

We offer a variety of secure solutions that comply with financial digital security regulations on state-wide and federal levels, including GLBA, SOX, and SEC.

From the mortgage industry to financial and healthcare, our Secure Email Solution complies with all state and federal email compliance regulations.

The Insurance industry happens to fall under compliance requirements for both financial and healthcare/medical-related businesses.

Our Secure Email Solution exceeds all FERPA requirements, protecting any and all pieces of data during transference and in storage.

If your non-profit organization currently uses Microsoft Outlook, we offer a direct Outlook integration, which will allow you to both send and receive secure email from your Outlook application.

We’re offering that corporate-grade encryption to individuals looking to send and receive secure email and attachments for their own personal use.