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Easy-to-use, full-featured, integrated software programs for the dental practice.

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DentiMax offers easy-to-use, full-featured dental software programs that completely integrate dental practice management, digital imaging and patient clinical charting. DentiMax combines easy-to-use screens with a complete feature set and industry leading low prices. From the charting screen, you are one click away from digital x-rays, clinical notes, treatment planning and medical alerts. 


Manage appointments

  • View your entire week schedule on one screen and customize the week view to show appointments by your choice
    of operatories and/or providers.
  • Display your appointment book by all providers, a single provider or just a group of providers; all operatories or
    specific operatories; all these views and switch to and from them with a click of a mouse
  • Customized views also illustrate provider start and end times on the scheduler, making it easy to schedule
    appointments by a single provider, group of providers, a single operatory, or a group of operatories
  • Use automatic e-mail reminders to reduce the amount of no shows and reduce the staff’s time with appointment
    reminder calls
  • Add specific security to your appointment book views to determine who has access and who doesn’t have access
    to view your appointments

Improve productivity

  • Quickly create daily financial goals
  • Create financial goals for production (future appointments dollars), posted charges (dollars for completed procedures)
    and actual money collected
  • Quickly identify today’s patient owed amount and the overall family balances and enter your patient’s payment
  • Use the EOB Entry screen to quickly enter your insurance checks, deductible amounts and possible write offs
  • Monitor your financial progress with a monthly view which breaks down daily goal and actual goals achieved
    – graphed right on the calendar. This is a great “must have” tool for your morning huddles
  • Use new time tracking features to know how long your patients have been waiting, how long they have been in the office.
  • Designate the specific time increments that require doctor and/or hygienist chairside assistance

Get paid faster with electronic claims.

  • View an image of your insurance claim form graphically
  • Add any necessary notes and changes
  • Electronically send your insurance claims easily and seamlessly with the click of a button

Patient Statement

  • A patient statement for every situation
  • Quickly print the Patient Walkout statement
  • Quickly and easily print your month end Family statements

Custom Report Writer

  • Access any information with the custom report writer
  • Use the advanced DentiMax report writer to obtain any and all information you would ever want or need in
    order to make your practice run smoothly.
  • Customize any existing DentiMax report, statement, letter, list or claim. Or, create your own custom reports to fit your
    practice’s unique needs

ASAP & Recall Appointment List

  • Record the details of appointment confirmations
  • Easily create new recall appointments
  • Keep your hygiene schedule full with the interactive recall list
  • A patient cancels their appointment? No worries, jump to the ASAP list, to quickly fill possible holes in your schedule

Line, Bar and Pie Charting

  • View the scheduled production by date, or graphically view the appointment count by date
  • Monitor the number of times procedures are performed in the last 60 days
  • Visually identify the strengths and weaknesses of your practice

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