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AutoRemind™ is an automated appointment reminder service that can send multiple reminders per appointment, customizable down to the patient level and language, and delivered via voice, e-mail, and/or text messages. AutoRemind integrates fully with Medisoft practice management products and offers operational and financial benefits to the entire value chain.



AutoRemind features and benefits

The AutoRemind service offers a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS, or cloud-based) suite of products that streamline communication with the patient—to mobile devices (cellular phones), landline phones and e-mail accounts.

  • Optimize the administration of your practice
  • Improve your cash flow and limit work in collection of outstanding patient balances
  • Communicate with your patients through automated and customized messages
  • Reduce the number of patients that forget their appointments
  • Send one or more reminders per appointment, and individualize your communication based on patient preference—including language!
  • Use either your own voice or one of our professional voice-over options for your recorded messages
  • The service is also useful to activate patients: Invite patients that are past due for regular check-ups or follow-up visits to contact you in order to schedule an appointment

AutoRemind works on all US carriers, but in order to receive reminders via text messages (also known as SMS) the recipient’s phone needs to be ‘text-message enabled’. Patients can opt out of the SMS service at any time by following simple instructions.

AutoRemind is now available from Access IT Solutions in Florida.


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