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RelayHealth provides connectivity solutions that enable consumers and healthcare organizations to securely exchange information. Providers connect with other providers, patients, payers and pharmacies to obtain secure online access to real-time information. RelayHealth leverages the strengths of best-in-class revenue cycle management solutions via the power of the most advanced switch in healthcare.


For physicians’ offices or groups looking to move to an electronic health record (EHR) system or replace an outdated one, the task looms large. That’s why we created Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solutions that are designed to increase functionality right from day one. There’s no costly system requirements, no proprietary software that makes it impossible to coordinate with other providers. Instead, you get proven, scalable solutions that reduce manual intervention, make the claim payment process more efficient, and provide complete revenue cycle management. For the physician wanting to get back to the business of caring for patients — rather than being bogged down by the business — improving workflows while reducing risk and complexity is key. By moving to an electronic health records (EHR) system, your office or group practice can efficiently and securely manage all aspects of patient care while providing patients with greater access and improved satisfaction. And you? You can spend more time practicing medicine!

  • Identify Trends and New Revenue Sources with RelayAnalytics™
  • Accelerate Cash Flow with Superior Revenue Cycle Solutions with Relay Assurance™
  • Accelerate Reimbursement and Maximize Revenue from Registration Through Collections with Relay Clearance™
  • Secure Online Management of Patient and Colleague Communications with RelayClinical™ Communicator
  • Securely Capture and Share Clinical Information for Better Results with RelayClinical™ Documentation
  • Manage prescriptions quickly, easily and safely with RelayClinical™ eScript
  • Improve Operations by Efficiently, Easily Managing Orders with RelayClinical™ Orders
  • Turn Management of Results Data into an Operational and Strategic Advantage with RelayClinical™ Results

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