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Office Hours Professional

Advanced, Easy To Use and Very Flexible Appointment Scheduler.

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Medisoft Office Hours Pro is an advanced, easy to use, and very flexible appointment scheduler. With its two options—the standard and the Client/Server for multi-user, network access—Office Hours Professional offers more advanced functionality over the basic scheduler that is bundled with all Medisoft versions.

When you use Office Hours Professional with Medisoft, you’re able to share patient data, which will save you time when setting up appointments. Plus, you have access to many of Medisoft’s features.


Additional features include:

  • Track treatment room schedules: Multiple views by provider, location/room/procedure, or individual day, week, or month view
  • Quickly make, copy, or change appointments
  • Add patients to an appointment wait list
  • Appointment status assignment such as: Confirmed, Arrived, Being seen, Canceled
  • Set up a color-coded appointment template to reserve time slots for certain types of appointments per day
  • Access, add, or edit patient case notes
  • Print superbills for all appointments scheduled

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